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better off..

"It's Like when I was in juvenille hall and somebody said to me, "You know Courtney, you don't have to be in here. It's not like you committed a felony. Why are you in here?" And I was like "Because I don't like the world", but then someone introduced me to the Clash."

"Had I not done drugs, I would have been lucid enough to see that Vanity Fair was going to stitch me up - what else were they gonna do to me."

"At first, Woody and I had no chemistry in The People Vs Larry Flynt. To fix it, we drank champagne. I said, 'Feeling sexual tension?' He said, 'No!' So I said, 'Put your hand on my breast.' But it was still, 'Nothin.'"

"Patti Smith, the way she would just put a shoelace around her wrist and it worked."

"I thought I was marrying the female Johnny Rotten and that was a political goof. Instead I got this right-wing Phyllis Diller."

"My guitar broke into a million pieces. Like the full rock thing. I destroyed it. I wasn't thinking. I can be primal. I can do it and not intellectulize breaking my guitar in front of 16 hundred people - probably did about five thousand worth of damage that night."

"I'm not politically correct and i'm not the voice of a generation, so fuck you!"

"I did go to jail once." So what'd you take? "Chapstick"

"I'd like there to be some testosterone in rock, and it's like I'm the one in the dress who has to provide it!"